Want to Take Over the World? Wear a Kilt!

WHAT???    Wear a kilt and you can take over the world?  Well, I can’t guarantee it, but it will sure help to make you want to try.

Here are some tips I have learned to help me take over the world while wearing my kilt.

Always be present and live in the moment

When I am out and about in my kilt, I try to not be in a hurry. I am a mission-oriented man but try to avoid being in a rush from here and there.

When you live in the moment, pay attention to what others are doing around you. Heck, they are looking at you and talking under their breath. Smile at them and give them a nice nod and a wink.

One thing you’ll notice is the people who come up and talk to you. You would be amazed at the stories you will hear and the people you influence. Whenever I walk away from one of those conversations, I feel a few inches taller and better about myself.

It is often, in the most unlikely of situations from a friendly stranger, we learn a lot about who we are...

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