Celtics – The Bad Ass Tribe of The Universe

If you are of Scottish or Irish decent, then you are part of a great tribe called the Celts or Celtic Nation.

Many people think that Scotland and Ireland are the originators of the Celtic tribe, but when one starts doing their research, we find out that the oldest Celtic site discovered was in Hallstatt, Austria. Archaeologists discovered over 1000 burials and all have Celtic features that date back to 1200 BC.

Looking into it deeper, we see there were Celtic tribes all over Europe that shared language, traditions, religion and other cultural practices. All these tribes were also known for their fierceness in battle. In fact, it is the Romans who considered them “Barbarians” due to the battle tactics and absolute devastation of their enemies.

In fact, remember the Hadrian Wall that Rome built in dividing England from Scotland? Yep, it was the bad ass Picts of Scotland the Romans were working to keep out of England and confined to the north. So even Rome was shaking in the san...

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