CIGAR REVIEW – The Argyle Conundrum Robusto – 5.5 x 50

By Andrew Lyon

Cigars are a luxury.  I’ve already said a few things about this.  For me the imagery always begins with a room that seems it was made for the latest flavor of a Bond villain.  Wing back leather chairs, dark wood, and quiet enough for contemplative thought.  Maybe you see a cabana somewhere with palm leaves, guayabera shirts and fedoras.  Not typically my view but to each their own.  I am obsessed with imagery.  I love that we can say a word or phrase and encapsulate a thought or moment, much like how memes tend to explain a feeling or situation we can all relate to.  When I light up, it actually tends to be more like the cabana than the library situation (due to the Texas heat) but the luxury I feel as I slowly enjoy the cigar, sip whatever I’m drinking and think about whatever I want to think about feels like true stress relief to me.

One night last year my wife and I sat outside in August, had to be about 90 degrees ou...

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