A Kilt Saved My Life (Balls – Part II)

NOTE:  If you have not read the first installment of my story, please take the time and read, I Lost My Balls & When I Regained Them Again – Pt 1

I was back in the USA and I have to say it felt good. Donald Trump was just elected President and I felt encouraged about the prospects living in the US again had to offer.

One good thing that happened was a house came on the market. Thank God I had my military benefits and was able to get a VA Loan.

My parents helped us get a vehicle and that was a true blessing.  So, finally, things were looking up, but Panama had taken its toll on me and my marriage.

Instead of being the man of the house, I had allowed myself to basically become the chef, chauffeur and supporter of everything.

She and I had separate bank accounts and what she earned was hers, but what I earned was hers also.

Remember, I was an author and blogger.   I had to do everything I could to bring the readership back to life.  From...

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