CIGAR REVIEW – The Argyle Conundrum Robusto – 5.5 x 50

By Andrew Lyon Cigars are a luxury.  I’ve already said a few things about this.  For me the imagery always begins with a room that seems it was made for the latest flavor of a Bond villain.  Wing back leather chairs, dark wood, and quiet enough for contemplative thought.  Maybe you see a cabana somewhere […]

Celtics – The Bad Ass Tribe of The Universe

If you are of Scottish or Irish decent, then you are part of a great tribe called the Celts or Celtic Nation. Many people think that Scotland and Ireland are the originators of the Celtic tribe, but when one starts doing their research, we find out that the oldest Celtic site discovered was in Hallstatt, […]

Want to Take Over the World? Wear a Kilt!

WHAT???    Wear a kilt and you can take over the world?  Well, I can’t guarantee it, but it will sure help to make you want to try. Here are some tips I have learned to help me take over the world while wearing my kilt. Always be present and live in the moment When I […]

A Kilt Saved My Life (Balls – Part II)

NOTE:  If you have not read the first installment of my story, please take the time and read, I Lost My Balls & When I Regained Them Again – Pt 1 I was back in the USA and I have to say it felt good. Donald Trump was just elected President and I felt encouraged […]

What’s In Your Sporran?

For us kilties, I would say that 99% of us wear a sporran with our kilt. I have always wondered what folks carry in their sporran and I thought that I would share what I carry in mine. So, I dumped my sporran and took a quick picture. What you see in this picture is […]

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