Why Women Love ALL Men in Kilts…

By Cynthia A. Nichols

Okay, I have to admit, I am a total sucker for a kilted man.  I think the words, “total sucker,” don’t even come close to describe my complete admiration deeply enough.

I believe it was Sean Connery who made me a believer in kilted men but seriously, what woman isn’t taken by Sean’s Scottish brogue and his gorgeous, kilted self?

When I met my “real & authentic” kilted Scottish-Texan, Raymond Mhor, I began immersing myself into his Celtic/Scottish lifestyle.  First came the Outlander Netflix binge so I could catch up with the rest of the world.  I ate, drank and slept Outlander – all those men in kilts!  (Even some of the soil-dirty ones still look amazing!).

After, we began attending Outlander parties, enjoying local Scottish Highland games and the best was volunteering at our Highland Game Group’s Bagpipe contests (with all the contestants kilted!  Woo hoo!)

For me, having been raised Swedish in Scandinavian Minnesota, learning about the Celtic way has been an amazing amount of fun!

I now know what a sporran is.  I know of tartans, sgian-dubhs, Scotch Whisky (spelled with no ‘E’ unless it’s Irish or American, then it’s spelled ‘whiskEy’).  I know I probably would not enjoy drinking Irn Bru as I’m not much on sweet drinks, and I totally crack up at the commercials for William Lawson’s “No Rules, Great Scotch”.

(Check out this link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbxW9nhb90k).

I know the Scottish flag, also called St. Andrew’s Cross, is the oldest national flag still in use since the 9th Century.  The Thistle is the national flower of Scotland, whereas to me, an American who spent much time in the Iowa Farmland, this flower is anything but cherished.

I know ‘dinnae’ means ‘don’t’ as in, “Dinnae forget to pack an umbrella,’ since the wettest parts of Scotland experience an average of 250 days of rain per year.  The driest parts only experience an average of about 150 days of rain per year. Yep, it’s wet over there.  Rather than “gloomy,” I prefer to think of it as “cozy.”

Meeting Raymond and watching him truly live in his kilts has totally changed my life – for the absolute betterment!  When he sports his kilt, sporran, beret and sgian-dubh knife tucked in his sock in a such fabulous manner, he gives me even more reason to love men in kilts.

Here are a simple few thoughts from his “Wee Lass” as to why kilted men are so attractive.  And, the first reason is obvious.

Only a real and secure man will wear a kilt. Kilted men know they are strong, sexy and attractive.  They carry themselves with more confidence than others, and he makes you take notice as he enters your sight.   You can see success in all he does.

It’s what a warrior would wear.  Wearing a kilt shows a man means business. There’s not a lady on the planet who doesn’t appreciate a strong, safe and protective man.

Men in kilts are smart.  They know enough that even though they are strong and secure, they treat their women and children gently & tenderly.

Some of the strongest photographic images in my mind are men who post photos on our Facebook page of them cuddling their babies, playing with their children, and best of all, showing photos of them with their kilted children alongside.

There is a Biblical scripture, Proverbs 22:6, which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  I believe this.  I also believe it is appropriate to men teaching their children Scottish, kilted ways.


A kilted man’s legs and knees are sexy. Aside from how cute they are and how your hairy legs remind us of pure masculinity, glimpsing a guy’s knee is sure to make a woman think more romantic (and dare I say sexy?) thoughts and feelings.

A man in a kilt brings to mind the wonderment of undergarments. What does the old adage say about undergarments under the kilt – is it a yes or a no?   We all know the saying, “Good girls don’t ask, and bad girls find out for themselves.”  We women know it is definitely inappropriate to ask a man this question and it is especially inappropriate to run a hand up the thigh to find out.  Honestly, though, I have to admit sometimes a woman’s mind does wander. (Imagine a huge sheepish grin here.).

A kilt flatters a man and can be worn on any occasion. In our Facebook Kilt group, Real Men Wear Kilts, we see men wearing kilts running, jumping, fighting, dancing, swinging, even getting married!

Wearing a kilt shows you honor history and tradition.  I personally am impressed when a man knows the history behind his tartan and its tradition. There is a beautiful history of the Celtic Nations reflected in the kilt to be shared.  When men wear one, it makes us women think of Outlander (oh oh, Sam Heughen!), Braveheart (and wow, the gorgeous Mel Gibson), Rob Roy (the handsome Liam Neeson), Legends of the Fall (hello, Brad Pitt) and the old classic, Brigadoon (Gene Kelly and Van Johnson).    Hello Handsome!

Wearing a kilt is actually good for your “under your kilt” body parts. New research from the Scottish Medical Journal shows a kilt can increase men’s sperm count while also making him feel more masculine.

Wearing a kilt definitely makes women check you out. As I walk by, I’ll most likely do a double take when I see you in your kilt.

Not very long ago, Raymond walked into our home office and asked me how he looked.  I looked at him from the tip of his toes to about his abdomen, smiled slyly and stated matter of factly, “You look amazing.”  His next comment made me giggle as he said, “Uhhhh, Cynthia, my eyes are up here … uhhh, hello!”  Whoops, Ray in his kilt made me lose my focus!  My bad. (not).

Oddly, (meant tongue-in-cheek), when I go to the store with Ray in his blue jeans, we don’t hear compliments on how good he looks in his faded jeans.  On the other hand, going out with Raymond in his kilt is SO MUCH fun watching women check out him out.  I mean, they look him up and down from his feet, to his head, and then back down again.

Many ladies will stop him and tell him how good he looks, of which I am so proud of him!  Some have wanted photos taken with him in his kilt.  Some tell him how he has “made their day.”  Raymond says that is one superpower of the kilt and I have to agree wholeheartedly

So, men in kilts, thank you for bringing such pleasure into my life.  I enjoy you.  I know many other women enjoy you.  You have the ability to make our days a bit better.  Smile and walk proud!







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