By Andrew Lyon

I have had a bit of writer’s block.  I haven’t been doing this long but I have to learn how to deal with it.  It came to me after a while that I was thinking too big.  Luckily my wife came through.  This week while staring at my Perdomo Habano and trying to figure out what to talk about on Holy Smokes, our live show Thursdays at 6:30 PM CST on the Facebook Group Real Men Wear Kilts, my wife said let’s talk about travel we want to do.

In the past articles I have attempted to talk about huge general categories, life changing events, and some of my beliefs.  All of which seem so big to me.  In my mind I asked, how could a simple discussion of the places we want to visit equate to a whole show?

I think sometimes I am short sighted, because as usual my wife was right.  Yes, I can say that and still feel like a man.  I have no issue admitting when I’m wrong, even though I wasn’t really wrong and to admit it our loud may revoke my man card…. but I digress.

My wife is a pretty intelligent lady; she is very good at showing me a different side of things.  One of my favorite things about her is that really, we talk a lot.  In our long wonderful conversations, without fail she always seems to find a way to show me the other side of the coin.  I don’t think I can properly convey what a blessing she has been.

Writing has to come from that place in your mind that allows for some creativity, and like a muscle it needs to be flexed, but a different point of view always seems to helps grease the gears.

To this point, travel may be a singularly unique way to get different views.  I find that people on average do not have the desire to travel abroad, but more specifically, they don’t want to travel for cultural purposes.  Sure, they want to go to Cabo for beaches, or Cancun for the ummm beaches… I’m seeing a trend. Who says, I want to see the beaches of Normandy?  That’s one place I am glad I visited, and cried at, and said a quiet thank you and prayer.  Life changing, really.

How about going to some of the most famous churches in Europe to better understand how art was supported by the church? It was fascinating to follow the progression of artists and architecture as they were commissioned time and again to create scenes of beauty and majesty.

How about learning to ask for the toilet or food or the train station in another language?  I’ve done all these things in my life and can’t imagine not doing it again.

We gave you our top 10 places we want to visit, what are yours?  More importantly, why?


Perdomo Habano Torpedo 6.5 x 54

This cigar came from my random cigar box club.  They send me 5 premium cigars a month and it’s always a surprise.  The Habano has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and the binder and filler are Cuban Seed Nicaraguan.  This means the tobacco was grown in Nicaragua but the seeds were from Cuba.  The tobacco was aged in a bourbon barrel for 6 years and looks absolutely beautiful.

I take a sniff of the cigar; I get a wonderful cedar hint.  Cut the cap and take a cold draw.  I can taste the caramel tones from the bourbon barrel.

I am toasting the foot and take my fist couple of puffs to get everything going.  Butter, nuts, something a bit spicy, cedar…I am overwhelmed with all the flavors.

I am in the 1/3 and the buttery creaminess of that Connecticut and the cedar are the most powerful flavors I can taste.  The burn is wonderful and I am trying to slow myself down for an even experience.  The draw is perfect and the smoke is full and lingers like that dream that you had last night, though you really can’t recall what it was about.

I look up info on the cigar to get some information as I smoke, and Aficionado magazine has it rated 92.  Anything 90 and up is going to be a wonderful experience. I cannot believe how inexpensive it is for such excellent quality.

I am moving into the 2/3 and the creaminess and richness are accentuated by something like roasted nuts.  The burn and draw are still perfect and full.  My wife and I are still discussing where we want to go and why.  I love nights like this.

Finishing the 3/3.  This has been an amazing cigar.  I should have had a snack before I smoked this.  Even though it is mild to medium it is hitting hard because I have not had a cigar in a while.  Note to self, have a snack before cigars.



A lovely 5 out of 5 Drams


5 out of 5 Standing Stones


5 out of 5 Bonnie Lasses


6 out of 5 Scrooge McDucks at only $5.50 USD


6 out of 5 Kilts a-swinging!!

I know my scores are often high – that is how it’s going to be with me.  I love the world and don’t typically spend much time with things that actually suck.  The Perdomo Habano Torpedo feels like a “once and a while” cigar and it is premium rated, but the less than 6$ price tag puts in the “I can get a box of these without breaking the bank” category.  So, I fully endorse this as an everyday smoke and it will definitely impress if you want to share with a friend.  This cigar can be found here:

Pictures are mine or from


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Love Kilts, Scotland & Outlander?

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