The Ultimate Change Agent:  The Power Hour

By Raymond Mhor

In the past few articles, you have read about all the crap I went through.

You have read about all the crap most men go through.

Now I am going to share what changed my life and what I am doing every day, and it only takes an hour.

“BUT RAY…. I don’t have an hour.”

Sorry, that is a lie.  If you can’t give yourself an hour, you don’t have a life and in reality, you are just giving an excuse.

Every day I work at what I call my “Power Hour.”

I wanted to see change in my life, and I wanted more out of life. I was sick and tired of being beaten down and having the life sucked out of me.

I took charge of my life and now when looking back on where I was and where I am today, it’s amazing how far I have come and the things I am doing now.

For some, I am living the dream life, and this is great.  One of my mentors often say, “Do more, be more, suck less.”    This is what I want out of life.

And I want to wear my kilts and look damn good wearing them daily, too.

The Power Hour

If you look at every successful man, you will notice one thing about him.  He has a morning routine that sets his day, his actions and his accomplishments.

One of the several men I consider a mentor is Tony Robbins.

Tony has a daily routine consisting of meditation, working out, the electric taco, sauna and then cold plunge. To get an idea, check out this short video…

Tony Robbin’s Morning Routine –

The first thing he does is prepare his mind to take on the day.

One thing EVERY successful man does is meditate. They do something like what Tony is doing or what I do is practice mindfulness using a great program and phone app called Headspace.

Others may take a portion of scripture and think about it, others may work at nothingness and blank out the mind (which I find almost impossible to do).

I use Headspace because of what is called, “guided meditations.” It is where the founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe, talks you through different mindfulness exercises.

Check out Headspace –

At Headspace, there are a number of different “packs” you can choose from. For example, I am doing the “Production” pack right now. It helps me put my mind in a production sort of mindset.   I find when I do these exercises as part of my “Power Hour,” I am mentally ready to take on the day and achieve what I have mapped out.

How the Power Hour Works

Your best investment is in you, yourself.  As I said earlier, if you don’t have an hour you can give yourself, you obviously have no life and the ‘mundane’ and ‘compromise’ are calling out your name.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself is take the first hour in the morning and make it yours.   Have you heard of the saying, “Pay yourself first?”  This means, make the first hour of your day only for you.

By setting yourself as the first priority in the morning, you are preparing to take on the day with your entire mind, body, soul and spirit.

And believe me, when you are this tuned into your day, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

How does the Power Hour Work?

Take an hour and split it into four, 15-minute chunks. These are your 4 Foundations.

Foundation No. 1: Fortitude

Fortitude is your physical body, your health, your physique and your strength.

Every morning I get up and I take care of my body. First, it’s to the bathroom where I wash my face and brush my teeth.  Then on to the treadmill to walk for about 10 minutes.  If I don’t do the treadmill, I work out with some weights next to my desk and watch self-education videos. (This is like killing two birds with one stone, but more on that later.)

I then go down and make myself a “Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC).” I practice the Ketogenic lifestyle and having a 16-ounce BPC in the morning feeds the body what it needs to get moving.

Every once in a while, I will make myself a fruit / greens smoothie when I am feeling the need for something tangy and fruity. I don’t have these often because they are not totally keto friendly. So, I mainly stick with my BPC.

Foundation No. 2:  Feelings

Feelings is your loving relationships, family and friends.

It is during this time I will send an e-mail, text and/or an IM to my lovely lady letting her know how much I love her. Sometimes I will send her a song which expresses how much I love her or how I love our relationship.

I also take time in talking to my parents. My dad and I talk every morning about how the stock market is doing, what stocks we are watching, what we buying or what we are selling. We enjoy working to build our portfolios and it is something which brings both of us joy.

I also take time to check in on our Moderators at Real Men Wear Kilts as well as my other kiltie friends and see how they are doing.

The key is taking these few minutes to invest yourself into those you love on a consistent basis.

Foundation No. 3:  Function

Function is meditation and journaling.

This is my time when I do my meditation / Headspace mindfulness. I spend 10 minutes doing this. The great thing about Headspace is it tracks your progress.

In fact, here are my stats as of today, September 13, 2020.

Out of everything I do for my Power Hour, I work hard to make sure I meditate (at the least). There are many benefits, and for me, and what I gain is headspace.  All the chaos, garbage and cobwebs are cleared out of my mind. Because I have more space, I think clearly, I am more patient, business ideas and goals come quicker, and most importantly, I have learned to live in the now / the moment.

Check out Headspace –

Living in the moment is a big deal when you have daily projects, goals and aspirations you need to achieve.

Another thing I do is take five minutes to journal.  I write down what I want to accomplish, what thoughts are popping up in my mind, and what business ideas I may want to pursue.

Maybe I read a quote from someone and will jot it down. There are times I find a really great motivational meme that just speaks to me. I will copy it and then paste it to photoshop. Then I print it out, cut it out and paste in into my journal.

I have found journaling to be greatly beneficial. I often go back and read past journals and see where my brain was at. If I need fresh or new ideas, I go and read what I was thinking a year or two years ago. What were my dreams then?

Finally, I put down my goals I want to accomplish. By putting these on paper, I am creating my daily life map, but more on this a little later.

Foundation No. 4:  Finance

Finance is the stock market, business and self-education.

As I mentioned, I talk to my father daily and we discuss what is going on with the stock market. I check how my portfolio is doing, if I need to make changes to buy, sell, and/or conduct research.

But the primary thing I do for these 15 minutes is self-educate.  I am a HUGE fan of self-education. In these 15 minutes I take time to read a book, listen to a talk, or watch a video on self-improvement for me or something to better help my businesses.

People I tune into are:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Garret White
  • Russell Brunson
  • Dhar Mann

A great thing to invest in this is to get where you can purchase audio books. I will take time and listen to a book being read.

Some of my favorites are:

  • Awaken the Giant Within
  • The Science of Growing Rich
  • The Art of War
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • How to Make Sh*t Happen

If you like to read books, some of the ones I am reading are:

  • The Law of Success
  • Think Big
  • Men of The Code
  • Who The F*ck am I To Be a Coach?
  • Modern Bushido

I love reading real books when I know I am going to highlight them with my highlighter.

But if I am reading to quickly read, I like reading on my Kindle. This way I can read a number of books all at the same time, which is something I tend to do. I have four to five books in the bathroom I am reading, a number of books on my desk and a whole plethora of books on my Kindle. All of them I am reading at one stage or another.

So, I spend at least 15 minutes a day self-educating in one form or another.

As you can see, by performing the “Power Hour” and investing in yourself first thing every day, you will set the stage for the remainder of your day.  You will hit it hard to win for you, your family and for your business.

Another thing is there are no days off when it comes to your Power Hour. For you to stay up with all that is going on and living a “have-it-all” lifestyle, you must maintain the Power Hour every day, 365 days a year.

If you fail to do so, you will notice you will not be as productive, patient, loving and strong in mind, body, soul and spirit.

This is the primary goal of this 30-day challenge, to help you get in the habit of performing the Power Hour every day.

I know for a fact if you hang with this challenge and you put 100% effort into it, you will come out a different man and most likely a better man.

The key is getting up and just doing it – no matter what.

The Daily Life Map and Leveraging the Four Foundations

During my journaling time I will often jot down quick goals I want to accomplish during the day.

This is what I call my ‘Daily Life Map.’  This is a very powerful byproduct of the Power Hour. I have even created a chart of sorts to help me keep track of things. I keep this on a clip board next to my desk.

If I am going to be out and about during the day, I pull my map off my clipboard and take it with me. I have also taken a picture of my map with my cell phone, so I have it with me this way as well.

Clarity through the Power Hour

When you are doing your Power Hour, you will find clarity comes to your mind in different areas. You want to note these things and see how they apply to your day and your life.

Some of the most abstract ideas have come to me when I am doing push-ups or while I am doing my meditation. I may get a business idea I can add to what I am currently doing.  Or sometimes a certain stock comes to my mind. I may think of things to do with my lovely lady as I am texting her a quick note or something.

So many great ideas come to me when I am doing my power hour and many of these ideas will help push me further.  They help me become a more superior man than where I have come from in the past.

This is why the Power Hour is so critical.  This is how it can help you achieve just about anything you can put your mind to.

It is these sort of clarity moments when you really start tracking, you will see they will become your life changing points.

This is why I encourage you to write these down, add them to your Daily Life Map and ponder on them.

These are the points of greatness to set you apart from others.  This is where you will achieve great growth in Fortitude, Feeling, Function and Finance.

You Must Use Your Daily Life Map to Leverage the Four Foundations

Listen, we as men have very busy days and a lot of things take place during our day to throw us off course. By having your Daily Life Map written down focusing on the Four Foundations, you have something to come back to if your day is becoming chaotic.

They key is to lean on your Daily Life Map and use it to keep you on track so you can achieve your 30- to 90-day goals as well as your six-month and one-year targets.

As men, we have these grandiose ideas about what we want to do, where we want to go, and who we want to become.

The problem is often we don’t know when we are going to make time to eat lunch or kick out 25 push-ups.  Why?

Our Brains and Lives are All Over the Place

As men, this is the way we are built.  If you peek into a man’s brain, you would see rows and rows of shelves with boxes stacked upon boxes. Our gift of being men is having the ability to compartmentalize.

It is a gift and also one of our biggest detriments.


Because we compartmentalize it all away for safe keeping. In most cases, unfortunately, we forget we boxed it away.   This is why the Power Hour is such a great tool. It helps us bring back the things we have packed away. We can then itemize them, prioritize them and start acting on these great thoughts and ideas.

We can then put them in our journals, so we remember them and add them to our Daily Life Map to act upon them.

This is what sets us apart as superior men.  It is because we do what most men will not or are not willing to do.  This is us men organizing our lives and taking charge of them again.

When we take charge, we will rise up and become the modern Celtic Warrior we know lives deep down inside us.

(To be continued.)

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