The State of Men Today, Pt III

By Raymond Mhor

In the past two articles, I have been talking about the haunted past I have lived.

BUT… was my past any different from many men in this world today?

Think about it for a moment…

In today’s world, the very idea of masculinity is dying.

We cannot blame this on the media, women or the women’s lib movement.

We cannot blame it on the government or whoever is sitting in the Oval Office.

Who is to blame?

Well… sadly enough, we are.

Yeah, that is right. We are, all us men.

What is sad is so many of us men have become victims in our own minds. We are where we are because of whatever excuse society wants to give… and the sad thing is that we men buy into it and believe it.

So where did it start?

Somewhere back in the late 1800’s women began to take over the churches, shut down the bars, and exert their feminine ideas.

This was at the same time men stopped being completely self-sufficient on the farm and moved his family into the city to take a “job.”

A side note: do you know what JOB stands for? Just Over Broke.

We allowed the State and Federal Governments and the local schools to create, educate, take care of and even pay us and our families. We were losing more and more responsibility for our own selves and our families.

Today we have schools teaching our children rather than back on the farm it was the parent’s responsibility.

Today, we have food stamps.  Back on the farm we raised our own meat and veggies. And if we did not have it, we bartered our excess with others who had what we needed.

Today, we have welfare and the government paying men to sit on their butts at home and do nothing but become fat slobs with “dad bods” playing computer games.

Masculinity has been dying a terribly slow and pitiful death.

And the sad thing is that most men do not see it or really don’t care.

“HEY…check it out! I get to sit on my fat ass, play games all day, eat crap the government sends me, and I have no responsibility for my family.”

We as men have lost control of our lives and our masculinity.

Now, here is another mind bender for you to think about for a moment.

Do you know that your boss dictates what sort of house you are going to live in, what type of car you are going to drive and where you are going to take your vacations?

It is the truth and he is going to keep you “Just Over Broke” so that you can only afford a certain type of home, a certain type of car and maybe lucky enough to take two weeks at some theme park.

AND… most men think that they are living the dream.

Do you know what this sort of lifestyle is called?

Being Sedated.

You are just getting by enough to be “comfortable.”

PT Barnum, one of the greatest salesmen ever, stated the following…

“Comfort is the enemy of progress.”

Sedation / comfort kills your dreams and ambitions.

How are you doing?

“OH… I am doing good.”

Do you realize that good is the killer of great?

I mean why should you strive for more when you are doing good enough right now?

Why push yourself to be a man again when being a man is “just too hard to do” ?

Today’s world is built to steal our masculinity away.

Just look at how many TV shows and commercials make the dads of the world to be bumbling idiots. Really, watch and see for yourself how the world now looks at men.

Really…why is that?

Over the past 100 years we have gone from proud warrior to pitiful ‘sheeple’.

The powers that be do not want strong, self-confident men. They want docile stupid fat dad-bod sheep.

Because sheep can be controlled and herded; strong self–confident men cannot.

What is worse is the media has now labeled those of us who are strong, self-confident, self-educated men as, get this… TOXIC!

Toxic Masculinity

YEAH… Toxic Masculinity is now the new normal and if you are one of these men, you are a bad person.

Someone to fear.

Personally, I like it when I am feared.  It keeps the sheeple away and lets the wolves out there know that I got a bead on them as well.

I am fortunate to live in Texas where we have the “castle doctrine.”

If some scumbag breaks into my home and intends on doing harm to me, my family or my possessions, I can pull out my Glock and stop the threat right then and there.

Believe it or not, there are other states in our Country where men do not have that ability to protect their family.

What is worse… there are men out there that would allow evil to pounce upon their family.

Yeah… total truth. I have met a few and I called them out on it too. I could not believe that a man would stand by and let evil come upon his wife and kids. Let alone ransack his home.

But yes… there are biological men (hard to call them actual men) out there that would allow that to take place.

We need to take back our right to act and be men.

One Reason Why I Wear the Kilt

This is one reason why I wear the kilt. It is a manly piece of clothing and exudes self-confidence, pride and the Celtic warrior spirit.

Those of you who are part of the ‘Kilted Elite’ know what I am talking about.

Those who wear the kilt are men – being men and lairds of our own kingdoms.

We work hard building our kingdoms, loving our women, adoring our children. We strive to be one with the universe and getting back to being self-sufficient again so that we no longer bow to anyone but stand on our own… as Celtic men and warriors.

It is strange but being a man in today’s world is making a choice.

We have forgotten what masculinity is and all about.

We need to get back to living the Celtic warrior life, be strong, self-confident men and have a legacy and example of loving masculinity to pass down to little warrior boys and shield maiden girls.

Is anything I am writing here ringing true in your mind?

Are you tired of what is happening in the world of men?

Does it make sense to you or are you happy being mediocre?

Personally, I know that there is more out there for me.

But the biggest question I have, am I the only one who thinks this?

Are there other men out there who what more, be more, do more and let that Celtic warrior spirit come out?

In fact, here is a question to the women reading this… do you wish your husband would stand up and be masculine again?

Do you wish he would take on that Celtic warrior spirit that he might have had but lost?

Or, is it possible he has never had it before?

You know he has that spirit deep down inside him; he just doesn’t know how to bring it out or resurrect it.

I am really interested in hearing from men and women out there about this issue.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

But more than that, what can we do individually to start living that manly masculine life again?

For me, it started with the kilt.



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