Set Your Goals Sunday & Kill-It the Rest of the Week

By Raymond Mhor

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Benjamin Franklin 

Are we failing to plan, or planning to fail

Listen, friends, I am going to be super honest and tell you this: I am totally disorganized. I have been and am still learning how to organize my life.  I am doing this so I can be all I can be, and do all I can do, both to hopefully attain my heart’s desire.

There are times I say to myself, “This week flew by,” or, “I really need more hours in the day.”

There are other people who spend the weekend partying, watching sports or playing video games.  This, in today’s world, is a MASSIVE waste of time and resources and something that one can change if they want.

There are a few folks who see Sundays as their day to plan out and get ready for the new week. They look at their goals and objectives, plan them out and hit them hard come Monday.

This is key to an organized life.  I can’t say, honestly, I do this religiously every Sunday.  I have been pushing myself to set goals, to-do’s and the Honey-do lists I want to accomplish during the new week.

Time Compressing

If you get into the habit of doing this weekly, you will see time begin to compress on your list items.

What do I mean by time compressing?

By planning these things out, you will achieve them faster, thus compressing the time it would normally take if you did not plan out your week.

Type “A” Personalities

One of the things I have noticed with kilties is most of us are somewhat Type “A” Personalities since it takes self-confidence and gonads to wear a kilt in public in the first place.

Type A people are normally leadership material.  We tend to be competitive, have a lot of ambition, lean to be organized and dislike wasting time.

The problem many of us face is we have hopes, dreams and desires, but we are still sitting where we were a month, two months, even a year ago.

Have we moved forward?

No, not really.

Why? Because we do not take the time to plan things out and set our goals. Again, fail to plan and you are planning to fail.

What happens next is this:  We fail, we get mad, we look down on ourselves and fall into a funk where we are real jerks to be around.

Is that you, too?  How do you think we can prevent this?

Take Command of your Goals

First, we start taking command.  We start planning our week on Sunday so when Monday hits, we hit the ground running.  Then we can reach our goals faster than we have seen ourselves do in the past.

So, let’s say it’s Sunday, and you are planning out your week. You are thinking about your goals and scratch down… “I want to work out.”

You put it down, schedule a time and then during the week the work out time comes and goes, and you missed the goal.


Because you are not being specific enough. Ask yourself:

  • What time are you going to get there?
  • Do you have your workout clothes packed?
  • What do you want to work out on? Chest, arms, legs?
  • What exercises are you going to do to achieve these goals? Leg press, arm curls, push-ups?

Be Specific

Do you see what we are doing here? We’re pointing out specifics. If you write down your goals in this manner, you will hit them every time because you have put specifics down for your goals and now your mind has a solid direction to go.

Think of this:  When you wrote down, “I want to work out,” what sort of road map is this for your brain?  Your brain needs goals that are specific, and more-so, attainable.

Normally, I post my articles on Mondays, but I decided if I want to get a handle on my goals for the week, then I should write it on Sunday, ready to post on Monday.

It’s important to take today to put down your goals with specifics, like the day, time, and ways to accomplish what you want to do.

Many of us have some sort of calendar program on our smart phones.  Try using it and start hitting your goals and start seeing a new life, new doors open, and see new ideas suddenly come into your life.

They key thing to remember is this:  It isn’t that we don’t have enough hours in the day or week, it’s that we are not maximizing the hours we do have.

Kilted friends, do make this week count.  First, today, set your attainable goals and what things you are hoping to accomplish.

Message me if this article helped you, and what you plan to accomplish this week.

Kilt On!


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