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Our Tee Spring Store

Hey Folks welcome to the cool merch and swag page for Real Men Wear Kilts. If you are looking for Real Men Wear Kilts gear, this is the place to find it.

Just so you know, we have several sources as to where we get our RMWK Gear, such as TeeSpring – which is where you can get our stylish t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more.

SHOP NOW — https://tinyurl.com/RMWK-Teespring-Store


Our Amazon Store

We also use Amazon and we have a complete Amazon Store with everything you can think of for kilts and the kilted the kilted life.
(yeah… we have knives, swords and dirks too)

SHOP NOW — https://tinyurl.com/RMWK-Amazon-Store


2021 Our Royalty Coin

If you are looking for THE challenge coin, then our 2021 Royalty Coin is it. Noting beats the King and Queens’s coin when putting up the challenge for adult libations. We have a limited supply of these coins and once we run out, they will be gone. Price is $20 for the coin and $5.00 shipping and handling. We had quiet the shock when we found out how much the US Post Office is charging us, thus the higher shipping cost.

SHOP US ORDERS ONLY — https://tinyurl.com/RMWK-Royalty-Coin-2021


International RMWK Royalty Coin

They are $18.00 + $15 shipping & Handling for at total of $33.00. The high cost is due to the crazy shipping prices for international mail. In talking to the Post Office, the average price to send ONE COIN over seas, is $15.

IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN ONE COIN — Be ready to have me contact you for more money to cover shipping. Shipping is $15 per coin.

SHOP INTERNATIONAL PRICE — https://tinyurl.com/RMWK-Coin-2021-Intrnl


Watch For More RMWK Gear Coming Soon!