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With thanks to you, the Real Men Wear Kilts Community is growing quickly by leaps and bounds!   We’ve had numerous inquiries asking us to create a monthly e-zine publication along with a bi-weekly newsletter – creating additional ways to help our community stay abreast of all the current and future RMWK happenings.

In response to your request, we are excited to announce we are going to offer a bi-weekly newsletter (10-15 pages) and our brand-new monthly E-magazine (75+ pages) charging only $5 a month in support.

These funds will help us update our website thus creating an online membership area with member content, perks, contests events and such. This subscription, which will stay at $5.00 a month, will evolve into your RMWK membership for RMWK Global Chapter (called: The Realm) and the local chapters (called: Clans) so that there can be meet-ups, events and other kilted shenanigans.

For an example, this Labor Day weekend we’ll host our First Annual  Real Men Wear Kilts world-wide event, The Brenham Invasion on September 3 thru September 5 in Brenham Texas.  A part of your membership fees will help assist us to fund this incredible group event.  (Be sure to watch as entry tickets go on sale soon!)

If you enjoy the current happenings of Real Men Wear Kilts, including our weekly night-time shows at 6:30pm CST Mon-Sat, additional member videos, Sunday’s release of RMWK: The Podcast weekly, and additional local chapter meet-ups, would you please consider joining us nowYour $5/month support would immediately help us build this great group as well as all local clan and upcoming events!

All you need do is use the PayPal link below,  enter your billing information, and you will automatically receive the new monthly e-zine and newsletter subscriptions! Remember,  your support subscription will eventually morph into your “Kilted Realm Membership” – along with additional perks, special content, features, contests and much more!

We are abundantly appreciative and thank you in advance!   We are honored by the faith and love you’ve shown for us and for each other.  We are committed to making RMWK the best-kilted community anywhere in the world!

Sign Up Now and Join The Greatest Kilt Organization in The World!

NOW… If you do not wish to support us at this moment, please use the form below and we will send you our first issue that is going out on April 26 2021.  After that we will be sending out a free newsletter from time to time that will have some information here or there, maybe an article and a few events.

But know this… without a subscription,  you will be missing out on knowing the happenings of Real Men Wear Kilts and the Kilted Realm.  You’ll miss a lot of cool stuff we will unveil in the coming months. You will also miss out on having the bragging rights of saying that YOU were a part of something special and on the ground-floor – you will be helping the greatest kilt organization the world has seen!