How To Look Really Good in Your Kilt

NOTE… this is NOT a Kilt Police article, more like suggestions in how to maximize your kilted look. This is also not an article regarding more of a traditional look, but more of a day to day look without all the regalia.

As you may have figured out, when you wear your kilt you garner a lot of attention. 98% of that attention is really good, AND every once in a blue moon you get some moron who makes some comment under his breath.

The one thing that you need to remember is this… How many people stop you when you are wearing your jeans and tell you how great you look?

Yeah… not that many, right?

NOW… on the flip side of that, when you wear your kilt, how often do people stop you, take selfies with you, tell you how great you look, etc?

That never happened in jeans did it?

When you wear a kilt it just adds to and exemplifies all your great traits and improves your not so great traits.

You do this by adding to your kilted look.

1 – Wear a Kilt Belt

One of the primary reasons for wearing a kilt is that it gives you that “hourglass” look to your body shape that just exudes manliness. What I mean by this is look in the mirror and the top of your shoulders is the top of the hourglass and the bottom of your kilt hem is that bottom of your hourglass. If you wear a 2-inch kilt belt at the navel all this put together gives you that more manly look.  Even if you have a bit more around the middle, you will still achieve this look because the belt creates that center point and it does not take that much to get that hourglass look.

2 – Wear a Pair of Combat / Doc Martin Boots

For the life of the kilt, it has always been associated to the military. Today, we have Queen Victoria to thank, because she had a great love for Scotland and men in kilts.

Here is what Wikipedia states…

“Queen Victoria had a personal interest in things Scottish, in particular relating to the Highlands. In addition, Highland regiments had played a conspicuous role in such Victorian conflicts as the Crimean War and the putting down of the Indian Mutiny. The Highland regiments earned a reputation which influenced the mindset of those Scottish regiments which were Lowland in origin. This resulted in the wearing of tartan by Lowland regiments which had previously worn uniforms not clearly distinguishable from their Irish, Welsh and English counterparts. In the case of the Highland Light Infantry, the distinction between Highlanders and Lowlanders was slightly blurred: although classified as a non-kilted Highland regiment it was recruited from Glasgow in Lowland Scotland and bore the title of “City of Glasgow Regiment”.


The regiments grew and now we have Canadian and Australian regiments associated to the Black Watch.

It is this military association that gives credence to the military style boot going along with the kilt and why so many people comment.

The old adage is true… “women (and men) love a man in uniform.” The combat boots just add to the kilted look.

When I am out and about in my kilt, I also get people thanking me for my service in the military. They never ask and just assume because they view the kilt as military attire.

So if you want to look sharp, add a a pair of combat boots to your kilted attire.

3 – Kilt Hose, Flashes and a Sgian-dubh

When ever I am out and about, I always try to make sure I wear some long soccer / football socks or kilt hose. Along with that I try to match my flashes, those little tabs that stick out from the sock as well as a sgian-dubh – the small knife that is stuck in the sock of your strong hand.

I also prefer wearing black socks with almost all my kilts. The reason is that the black really accents the flashes, which should be the same tartan as your kilt or a color found in your kilt. When you wear black socks, it just makes the flashes “pop” and stand out.

When wearing your combat boots, it adds to that strong military look that many people appreciate and one of the reasons they like seeing a man in a kilt.

Unless you are wearing one of those fancy sgian-dubhs, most people will not see that you are wearing a knife in your sock. Now that isn’t to say that they don’t notice, I once forgot mine at home and had someone stop me in the grocery store where mine was. Yes, it was a wee bit embarrassing, but it did not bother me much.

FYI… I do not wear the standard looking sgian-dubh, mine is made by Cold Steel and is called The Secret Edge. This was Cold Steel’s take on a sgian-dubh and is a great little knife that could come in handy when you need a nice sharp blade. The great thing is that this is a fully functional battle ready blade and because it is full tang, you could also throw it if it came down to that, but I would recommend practicing throwing the blade first and also have it be your last resort too. Once you throw it, no more blade.

4 – A Nice Looking Day Sporran

To bring the whole look together, get yourself a nice functional day sporran. There are hundreds of different sporrans available and just about any shape, size and material that you can think of. Your sporran will round out your look, so having a number of them to choose from is a good idea. I have probably 5-6 sporrans, but I have one that I is my every day go to sporran.

Mine is a “Rob Roy” style and has more of a pouch look to it than the standard sporran. I picked mine up at a renaissance festival in Kerrville Texas and have worn it ever since. I also like the “Rob Roy” style because there is a lot of room in my sporran to carry an lot of stuff. It was funny, the craftsman who made it used the measurement of beer cans, as in how many beer cans can the sporran carry and mine will carry four beer cans. A wee bit of good trivia if I say so myself.

5 – Forget The Chain Sporran Belt

One of the things that is somewhat standard for kilt attire is a belt that holds the sporran made of chain. I have to say that I hate these things for a number of reasons.

First, they are cheap chain and put any weight in your sporran and the chain will break.

Second is that the chain rubs up against your kilt and will slowly wear holes or rough spots in your kilt.

This is why I use some sort of leather sporran belt…. BUT … I came across something that is really cool, a woman’s leather purse strap.

You can purchase these for about $10 -$15 dollars, they are adjustable, and they are durable because they are made to hold a woman’s purse.

They also tend to have really good clasps on them and not those cheap metal things that most chained sporran belts have.

You can find a woman’s purse strap in a number of sizes, thickness, width and material and all of them are inexpensive especially when compared to some of the sporran belts and their costs.

Because they are adjustable you can really dial in where your sporran will sit on the front of your kilt thus making your complete look more put together.


I know that I have thrown a lot of information at you, but if you try these 5 action items when wearing your kilt, you will be amazed at how much better and taller you will stand and how much more attention you will garner.

When you wear a kilt you make a difference in the world and I have to say that in today’s world a more positive difference is a good thing.

When you walk out that door, check yourself and remember that you are part of The Clan of The Kilted and represent kilt wearers and a proud Celtic heritage of people from all over the world.

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Kilt On!

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