Why Women Love ALL Men in Kilts…

By Cynthia A. Nichols

Okay, I have to admit, I am a total sucker for a kilted man.  I think the words, “total sucker,” don’t even come close to describe my complete admiration deeply enough.

I believe it was Sean Connery who made me a believer in kilted men but seriously, what woman isn’t taken by Sean’s Scottish brogue and his gorgeous, kilted self?

When I met my “real & authentic” kilted Scottish-Texan, Raymond Mhor, I began immersing myself into his Celtic/Scottish lifestyle.  First came the Outlander Netflix binge so I could catch up with the rest of the world.  I ate, drank and slept Outlander – all those men in kilts!  (Even some of the soil-dirty ones still look amazing!).

After, we began attending Outlander parties, enjoying local Scottish Highland games and the best was volunteering at our Highland Game Group’s Bagpipe contests (with all the contestants kilted!  Woo hoo!)

For me, having been raised Swedish in Scandinavian Minnesota, learning about the Celtic way has been an amazing amount of fun!

I now know what a sporran is.  I know of tartans, sgian-dubhs, Scotch Whisky (spelled with no ‘E’ unless it’s Irish or American, then it’s spelled ‘whiskEy’).  I know I probably would not enjoy drinking Irn Bru as I’m not much on sweet drinks, and I totally crack up at the commercials for William Lawson’s “No Rules, Great Scotch”.

(Check out this link:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbxW9nhb90k).

I know the Scottish flag, also called St. Andrew’s Cross, is the oldest national flag still in use since the 9th Century.  The Thistle is the national flower of Scotland, whereas to me, an American who spent much time in the Iowa Farmland, this flower is anything but cherished.

I know ‘dinnae’ means ‘don’t’ as in, “Dinnae forget to pack an umbrella,’ since the wettest parts of Scotland experience an average of 250 days of rain per year.  The driest parts only experience an average of about 150 days of rain per year. Yep, it’s wet over there.  Rather than “gloomy,” I prefer to think of it as “cozy.”

Meeting Raymond and watching him truly live in his kilts has totally changed my life – for the absolute betterment!  When he sports his kilt, sporran, beret and sgian-dubh knife tucked in his sock in a such fabulous manner, he gives me even more reason to love men in kilts.

Here are a simple few thoughts from his “Wee Lass” as to why kilted men are so attractive.  And, the first reason is obvious.

Only a real and secure man will wear a kilt. Kilted men know they are strong, sexy and attractive.  They carry themselves with more confidence than others, and he makes you take notice as he enters your sight.   You can see success in all he does.

It’s what a warrior would wear.  Wearing a kilt shows a man means business. There’s not a lady on the planet who doesn’t appreciate a strong, safe and protective man.

Men in kilts are smart.  They know enough that even though they are strong and secure, they treat their women and children gently & tenderly.

Some of the strongest photographic images in my mind are men who post photos on our Facebook page of them cuddling their babies, playing with their children, and best of all, showing photos of them with their kilted children alongside.

There is a Biblical scripture, Proverbs 22:6, which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  I believe this.  I also believe it is appropriate to men teaching their children Scottish, kilted ways.


A kilted man’s legs and knees are sexy. Aside from how cute they are and how your hairy legs remind us of pure masculinity, glimpsing a guy’s knee is sure to make a woman think more romantic (and dare I say sexy?) thoughts and feelings.

A man in a kilt brings to mind the wonderment of undergarments. What does the old adage say about undergarments under the kilt – is it a yes or a no?   We all know the saying, “Good girls don’t ask, and bad girls find out for themselves.”  We women know it is definitely inappropriate to ask a man this question and it is especially inappropriate to run a hand up the thigh to find out.  Honestly, though, I have to admit sometimes a woman’s mind does wander. (Imagine a huge sheepish grin here.).

A kilt flatters a man and can be worn on any occasion. In our Facebook Kilt group, Real Men Wear Kilts, we see men wearing kilts running, jumping, fighting, dancing, swinging, even getting married!

Wearing a kilt shows you honor history and tradition.  I personally am impressed when a man knows the history behind his tartan and its tradition. There is a beautiful history of the Celtic Nations reflected in the kilt to be shared.  When men wear one, it makes us women think of Outlander (oh oh, Sam Heughen!), Braveheart (and wow, the gorgeous Mel Gibson), Rob Roy (the handsome Liam Neeson), Legends of the Fall (hello, Brad Pitt) and the old classic, Brigadoon (Gene Kelly and Van Johnson).    Hello Handsome!

Wearing a kilt is actually good for your “under your kilt” body parts. New research from the Scottish Medical Journal shows a kilt can increase men’s sperm count while also making him feel more masculine.

Wearing a kilt definitely makes women check you out. As I walk by, I’ll most likely do a double take when I see you in your kilt.

Not very long ago, Raymond walked into our home office and asked me how he looked.  I looked at him from the tip of his toes to about his abdomen, smiled slyly and stated matter of factly, “You look amazing.”  His next comment made me giggle as he said, “Uhhhh, Cynthia, my eyes are up here … uhhh, hello!”  Whoops, Ray in his kilt made me lose my focus!  My bad. (not).

Oddly, (meant tongue-in-cheek), when I go to the store with Ray in his blue jeans, we don’t hear compliments on how good he looks in his faded jeans.  On the other hand, going out with Raymond in his kilt is SO MUCH fun watching women check out him out.  I mean, they look him up and down from his feet, to his head, and then back down again.

Many ladies will stop him and tell him how good he looks, of which I am so proud of him!  Some have wanted photos taken with him in his kilt.  Some tell him how he has “made their day.”  Raymond says that is one superpower of the kilt and I have to agree wholeheartedly

So, men in kilts, thank you for bringing such pleasure into my life.  I enjoy you.  I know many other women enjoy you.  You have the ability to make our days a bit better.  Smile and walk proud!







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Bringing Your Significant Other Around To You Wearing Your Kilt

I have seen some posts about how a guy’s girlfriend, fiancé, wife are not too keen about you wearing your kilt in public…if at all.

In many cases a lot of us start donning the kilt when we discover or re-discover our Celtic heritage. At least that was the case for me. I have to admit that I was kind of living a double life, my kilted life which I wanted to live and my pants life which I was currently living at that time.

How does one make the transition?

Phase 1

Right now, with all the Covid19 things going on, it is a good time to start introducing your significant other to your kilted life.

First things first, start wearing it around the house.  Do yard work, clean out the garage, work on the honey-do list (you get bonus points for that) Let her get used to seeing you in your kilt.

NOW part of wearing it is also selling it to her non-verbally. You want to try to look good while doing things around the house. Wear a nice shirt or nice fitted T-shirt and wear your kilt belt. When you wear a proper kilt belt, it gives you an hourglass look, which she will probably find attractive. Wear some proper footwear like boots and such and shave and put on some nice aftershave.

Again, this is for her AND… it will take some time for her to get used to it and realize that it isn’t some phase you are going through.

Phase 2

Once she starts getting used to seeing you around the house doing chores and such, then help educate her. I have found that watching shows and movies where they are wearing kilts really help.

Movies like…

  • Rob Roy
  • Braveheart
  • Highlander
  • Brave
  • Brigadoon

These will help get her started and help educate her to the Celtic lifestyle.

One show in particular based on the books by Diana Gabaldon is the Outlander series. If she likes to read, get her the first book. When she is done with it she will jump to the next, but will also be hooked with the Celtic heritage as well.

There is also a TV show that corresponds with the books, titled…”Outlander”. Personally, this is a great way to introduce your significant other to the kilted life. Watching the show, she will see a lot of men in kilts.  I mean who doesn’t like great sword fights, hero’s swooning the lasses, and kilts in every scene?

This show is a great show and a series that I personally love.

Phase 3

Start going to Celtic events where you can wear your kilt and she can see other men also wearing kilts. By doing this she will see that there are a number of other guys who love and appreciate the kilted lifestyle.

Events like Celtic games, Celtic festivals, Burn’s Dinner night. These are great introductions.

Another thing is wearing a kilt and have a matching sash for her to wear. A nice sash broach is a nice surprise to give your wife. She can wear this with a nice little black dress all the way with jeans and a t-shirt. This allows her to be part of the Celtic / kilted life and start taking apart in it.

With social media playing such a huge part in most people’s lives, start looking for kilt groups, much like the one that I run on Facebook – Real Men Wear Kilts.


Tap into your local Celtic society / highland games association. For me, I am part of The Houston Highland Games Association.


When we are not living the Covid19 life, many of us get together, don the kilts and go hit a pub or something at least once a month. It is a lot of fun and helps get you out of the house.

By getting involved in groups like this, you start meeting like minded people and making friends with other kilties. Getting together at the local pub or doing some things like “Tartan Tuesday” which is popular in many of the larger cities.

Phase 4

Now if you have done all of this and she is still not buying into this whole kilt thing. There comes a point where it’s YOUR backside in that kilt and not hers. You need to be firm with her. Otherwise if you don’t stand your ground. She’s not going to respect you if you let her steamroll all over you too. If she refuses to be seen with you in public with a kilt on, then it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to give in to the blackmail, or stand up and have some cajones. If that means going out without her, then I guess she loses out. Do this a few times and she might come around and realize that this is not some quirk or some mid-life crisis thing. What it is about is you being proud of your Celtic heritage and it runs deeper than just some fabric wrapped around your waist.

You and I know that you love your wife, and you need to be considerate. Give her a chance to get used to it. Slowly introduce her to the phases that I wrote about above. Wear it around the house a bit. Take her to the Games so that she see’s a lot of men in kilts and hopefully comes to view it as more “normal”. Rent movies. Talk to her. Be patient.

It all boils down to a simple fact.

Talk. Yes.

Negotiate. Yes.

Be considerate… Yes.

Try to educate. Yes.

But in the end, don’t be a doormat.

I hope that this article has helped you and if you have any suggestions, tips and such. Comment below and share them with me, I would really love to hear how you were able to win your reluctant significant other over to the kilt.

Kilt On!

Love Kilts, Scotland & Outlander?

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How To Have a Productive Mindset

 By Ray Gano

Everybody knows we live in an age of distraction, just look at how many people are glued to their phones, on Facebook or some other social media.

We have so many different things trying to get our attention that it’s hard to focus on any one thing, let alone make progress on the multitude of tasks we have on our plates.

As you know recently, we were hacked…twice and our site was totally destroyed with 10 years of great content. Poof… gone.

A few weeks ago I wrote about being resilient, getting back up and pushing forward. If you did not get a chance to read that article, it was born out of the shenanigans that took place that weekend. That was when we lost everything and now we are literately starting over from scratch.

Starting over means putting your nose to the grindstone, hunkering down and making things happen.

A lot of productivity gurus tell you that you need to cut out the distractions.

So, if email or social media are distracting you, simply get away from them or use a program to block them for the amount of time you need to complete a task.

Works in theory, but not in reality.

Here is what I have personally found. Being distraction-free doesn’t equal productivity. I’m a writer, and as a writer, I’m always working on creating content and along the way connect with potential readers as well as ya’ll who currently read my work.

There is an old saying, all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.

Since 2005 I have learned how to have a productive mindset. NOW, I have to admit that there are times where I just let things coast, and that is not good. We need to remember who it is we serve and serve Him to the most and best of our ability.

So just because you get away from the distractions doesn’t mean you’ll be productive with the time you have.

I am a great example as a writer, it’s easy to justify doing anything other than writing as research or creative thinking.

Yeah, scrolling through Facebook for hours. Now, I have over 4500 friends on Facebook, so I could say I am “working” but what I am really doing is wasting time and not being productive.

It is really easy to fool ourselves. We start to think that if we’re doing something, then we’re being productive. But you can work really hard at the wrong things thinking that you’re moving forward when you’re really just spinning your wheels.

This has happened to me a few times.

The key to productivity is adopting a productive mindset and learning how to focus your creative energy on the things that matter.

What I try to do is hard focus on one thing and work as much as I can for 45 min. I then take a break, scroll around on Facebook or do something distracting.

I then hit it hard again and then take a break. I have found my productivity really boost.

So how do you create a productive mindset?

  1. Know Your Why

To get and keep your nose to the grindstone, you have to know your why. There’s a why behind everything that we do, but it’s not always a conscious why.

We eat breakfast..why? Because we’re hungry, but we don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about the purpose behind our desire to eat breakfast.

Having a productive mindset starts with identifying why you do the things you do.

Why are you writing that blog post?

Why are you contacting that client?

Why are you creating that product?

Questions like these force you to do some serious evaluation of your priorities because you’ll discover that the reason why you do some things isn’t a good enough reason to continue doing those things.

Other good whys, taking that vacation you have always wanted to go on. Getting that cool new guy / gal toy or maybe working on improving yourself and your life.

Knowing your why involves looking at your goals (why) your production and then identifying exactly what you hope to accomplish with all that you do and what motivates you to do it.

  1. Identify the Tasks that Make You the Most Productive

To find out what you are doing, you need to track it. I use an app called Toggle Desktop. I used this to track of few days of what I was doing. No matter what I did, I tracked it and timed it. After a few days I was able to drop the data into Excel and create a chart so I can visually see how much time I was being productive as well as wasting.

By doing this you can see where you are truly productive. You can then go and ask yourself “what are the tasks that make you the most and least productive?”

Working hard isn’t enough to be successful at doing what you love because you can work hard at things that are only drying up your creative energy instead of creating results.

You have to identify the things that are most worth your time because they’re the most rewarding in terms of productivity, and this is where Toggle Desktop helped me.

Whatever it is you do for a living, identify the tasks that will make you the most productive in your professional arena.

  1. Focus Your Creative Energy by Challenging Yourself

Once you have a list of the tasks that will make you the most productive, you need a strategy for actually completing those tasks. This is where going above and beyond the simple elimination of distractions is vital.

If you really want to get tasks completed, you have to challenge yourself. Tap into your naturally competitive nature and use it to your advantage.

Set a timer for a specific amount of time and challenge yourself to complete as much of a task as you can within that time frame. As I mentioned above I try to work really focused on short spans of time.

I have been experimenting with 5 min focus – 1 min break. I forget where I read about this, but I am finding that it is working. In fact, that is how I am writing this article that needs to get done.

By doing a super focused 5 min – you will get a lot done. At least I do and I am amazed at how much I can get done.

  1. Be Passionate About Results

A productive mindset requires a high degree of commitment to getting the job done. When the process makes you weary, it’s the results and your why that will drive you to keep going.

This is what keeps me going every day. I have to admit that there are times I do not feel like writing an article. But I know that I would be letting all of you down and I can’t do it.

As a writer, it can be really easy to give up in the middle of an article or better yet a book because the process is starting to feel slow and unrewarding. There are also times that I wonder if anyone is really listening or not. But the article / book isn’t finished, and the only way I can see the result of a finished article / book is to keep going.

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll love what you do, but don’t focus too much on loving what you do because on some days, you won’t. Like after the hackers kill your site and you see everything go up in a poof of smoke.

On those days you really leverage your why. You still need to be productive, so when you’re not passionate about the process, at least be passionate about the why so that you’ll keep going to see the results in the end.


If you want to be more productive, you have to start with adopting a productive mindset.

You need to have a strong why and with that your persistence grows. This is something that you will learn and continue to learn, being productive.

If you can learn this, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

I hope that this article has been helpful. Not really your typical Ray Gano article, but I am using the lemons of us having to rebuild anew and turn it into lemon-aide.

With all the negative that is going on in the world, I am really feeling like focusing on positive and learning positive things that can help you and me grow. Tracye and I have been doing this since 2005 and we have been to hell and back several times. So we have a lot of knowledge to impart.

Some of that knowledge is what is in this article and I hope that someone out there needed to hear this because this is what the Lord directed me to write.

If there is anything that you would like for me to write about, contact me and let me know.

ALSO… Tracye and I are doing Facebook Live on Tues @ 10AM and Thurs @5PM. Tune in to my Facebook wall and jump in and say HI.

If there are any topics that you want to see us talk about, again contact me and tell me what you would like for us to answer / talk about.

Email – ray@raygano.net