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WHISKEY REVIEW – Jameson Stout Irish Whiskey

In this episode Ray & Cynthia review Jameson Stout Irish Whiskey. Can’t say it is on our buy again list. We thought it really lacked flavors and depth. Watch the entire review on this one. ALSO… we also were very biased with Jameson Black Barrel in comparison. JOIN OUR FB Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/realmenwearkilts Please share […]

Sporrans and Utility Kilts – YES or NO?

By Raymond Mhor Recently I have seen several conversations going on in the Real Men Wear Kilts group asking if it was OK to wear a sporran with your utility kilt. The short answer is – “It’s a free world, do and wear what you wish with your utility kilt.” Now I have seen a […]

COVID 19 Celtic Fest / Renaissance Fest For 2020

Real Men Wear Kilts Celtic Fest / Renaissance Fest For 2020 If you know of any Celtic Events that have CANCELED due to Covid19, or if you can confirm that an event has changed or is still taking place, please contact me so that I can keep this list as current as possible…. Email – […]

The Masculinity of Wearing a Kilt

By Louis Collingwood In certain parts of the world there is an idea within society that “the wearing of pants in the house” is how you can show you are a true masculine man.  This was ingrained in my own thoughts growing up until I began my own journey of heritage and became a daily […]

Why Women Love ALL Men in Kilts…

By Cynthia A. Nichols Okay, I have to admit, I am a total sucker for a kilted man.  I think the words, “total sucker,” don’t even come close to describe my complete admiration deeply enough. I believe it was Sean Connery who made me a believer in kilted men but seriously, what woman isn’t taken […]

How To Look Really Good in Your Kilt

NOTE… this is NOT a Kilt Police article, more like suggestions in how to maximize your kilted look. This is also not an article regarding more of a traditional look, but more of a day to day look without all the regalia. As you may have figured out, when you wear your kilt you garner […]

GROUP TASTING – Johnnie Walker White Walker

This was a lot of fun and a first. We held a vote and asked people what scotch they would like to taste and out of a group of 10 different bottles, everyone chose Johnnie Walker’s White Walker. Those who joined us gave their opinions and the outcome was interesting. JOIN OUR FB Group – […]