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I Lost My Balls & When I Regained Them Again – Pt 1

By Raymond Mhor Why do you commit to things that really do not matter to you?  Is it guilt, fear, not wanting to rock the boat? For me it was all of the above. Why do you allow yourself to compromise and give up the high ground so many times? I came out of a […]

The Gift of Choice

By Andrew Lyon On our show I talked a bit about types of cigars, robusto, Churchill, torpedo and so on.  The ability to choose is wonderful at its core.  Honestly, I am not great at narrowing down my decision.  I actually think myself to a standstill.  I do much better with a small selection and […]


By Andrew Lyon I’ve been thinking about tartans a lot lately.  We are talking about making one for the group and it got me to contemplate the nature of groups.  We know historically nations had soldiers wear uniforms for more than a few reasons.  Easy to tell who “they” and who “we” are, but an […]

The Nostalgia of Kilts and Tobacco Pipes

By Louis Collingwood A lot of people that begin to wear a kilt do so because it is a way to connect to old history like I did.  Giving myself that nostalgic feeling of days gone by a few hundred years ago that has long since passed. With the fast-paced times of today we all […]

WHISKY REVIEW – Chivas Regal 12 Yr Old

In this episode Ray & Cynthia try Chivas Regal. One of the goals is to try to find good whisk(e)y under the $30.00 mark here in the North Houston area. IF we can find some great bottles, then we want to share these finds with you. We chose Chivas Regal 12 yr old because it […]

Madainn mhath (Good Morning in Scottish Gaelic)

By Andrew Lyon Weird thing happened yesterday, my night owl of a wife came to me at about 10pm, 2200 for some of you, and said… I’m sleepy.  You all may not comprehend this, but it’s not a regular occurrence.  I often go to bed around then, but she does NOT. Funny thing about going […]

Want to Take Over the World? Wear a Kilt!

By Raymond Mhor WHAT???    Wear a kilt and you can take over the world?  Well, I can’t guarantee it, but it will sure help to make you want to try. Here are some tips I have learned to help me take over the world while wearing my kilt. Always be present and live in the […]

Cigars are a Luxury

By Andrew Lyon Cigars are a luxury.  I’ve already said a few things about this.  For me the imagery always begins with a room that seems it was made for the latest flavor of a Bond villain.  Wing back leather chairs, dark wood, and quiet enough for contemplative thought.  Maybe you see a cabana somewhere […]

Vikings – The Other Bad Ass Tribe of The Universe

By Raymond Mhor In my last article, I talked about the Celtic people and the bad asses they were. Many of you mentioned you were of Viking decent, so I wanted to pay homage to the other bad ass tribe of the universe, the Vikings. As many of you know, the Vikings originated out of […]

Luxury Where You Are

By Andrew Lyon Today I’m looking at this blog and wondering where it’s going. I don’t want it to be me imposing my beliefs on you, though I’d be happy to discuss them.  I think I want it to be about luxury.  I’ve talked about how it took me 40 years to realize I don’t […]