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How Do Women Wear Tartan?

How do Women Wear Tartan? You probably hear people asking all the time, “Do women wear tartan?” Okay, maybe not literally all the time. Some of the time, though, we bet, someone asks, “Do women wear tartan?” We’re sorry if you’ve been losing sleep over this critical question. You don’t deserve that kind of treatment. […]

Set Your Goals Sunday & Kill-It the Rest of the Week

By Raymond Mhor “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”  Benjamin Franklin  Are we failing to plan, or planning to fail Listen, friends, I am going to be super honest and tell you this: I am totally disorganized. I have been and am still learning how to organize my life.  I am […]

Real Men Wear Kilts Lake Arthur Hurricane Relief Effort

By Cynthia Nichols For the past 16 years, when Damian and Amy Broussard of Lake Arthur woke up and looked out their window, the couple saw the goat barn.  It was a uniquely shaped building keeping 24 goats safe from wind, rain and the elements.   However, the family’s life changed on August 27, 2020, when […]

The Ultimate Change Agent:  The Power Hour

By Raymond Mhor In the past few articles, you have read about all the crap I went through. You have read about all the crap most men go through. Now I am going to share what changed my life and what I am doing every day, and it only takes an hour. “BUT RAY…. I […]


By Andrew Lyon I have had a bit of writer’s block.  I haven’t been doing this long but I have to learn how to deal with it.  It came to me after a while that I was thinking too big.  Luckily my wife came through.  This week while staring at my Perdomo Habano and trying […]

The State of Men Today, Pt III

By Raymond Mhor In the past two articles, I have been talking about the haunted past I have lived. BUT… was my past any different from many men in this world today? Think about it for a moment… In today’s world, the very idea of masculinity is dying. We cannot blame this on the media, […]

Operation Lake Arthur Hurricane Relief Effort

On August, 27, 2020, Hurricane Laura devastated the Louisiana and Texas Gulf coast with historical wind speeds. Destruction and loss laid in her wake. One of our fellow kiltied brothers, Damian Broussard lives in the region ravaged by the storm. He and his parents share the farm and work the land growing hay and livestock […]

A Kilt Saved My Life – Regaining My Balls Pt 2

By Raymond Mhor NOTE:  If you have not read the first installment of my story, please take the time and read, I Lost My Balls & When I Regained Them Again – Pt 1 I was back in the USA and I have to say it felt good. Donald Trump was just elected President and […]

A Little Help From Our Friends

By Andrew Lyon This one is for Andrew Graham.  Last week after our FB live show “Holy Smokes” on Real Men Wear Kilts, Andrew gave me a holler in the comments.  Said he had some extra “sticks” (the term used for individual cigars) and would love to send them my way. I was so excited; […]