A Little Help From Our Friends

By Andrew Lyon

This one is for Andrew Graham.  Last week after our FB live show “Holy Smokes” on Real Men Wear Kilts, Andrew gave me a holler in the comments.  Said he had some extra “sticks” (the term used for individual cigars) and would love to send them my way.

I was so excited; our first contribution to the show! We got the pertinent info together and off they went or here they came.    And it was such a pleasant experience receiving and enjoying these sticks.

Though, I don’t think I should have been surprised.  I have never met more accepting and giving people than cigar smokers.

I’ve had many situations where a wonderful conversation has led to new discoveries for accessories and types of cigars.  You will instantly know the difference from a bar and a cigar lounge.  The music volume is lower, and the people are all chatting.  Usually I find couches, leather chairs and great company.  People are eager to talk about whatever you want, and I have never found anyone overtly rude or mean.

One of our Real Men Wear Kilts members, Matthew Walbeck of Highland Tobacco Company, has a cigar lounge I cannot wait to visit.  Pics of his place show a luxurious and wonderful experience.

This one time at a cigar lounge near me, my wife and I ended up at a table discussing the best ways to help those in need with an Episcopal priest and a random gentleman in a Green Bay jersey.  You really never know what can happen if you leave yourself open to the possibilities.

I’m trying to say that we need to care for each other.  Getting a little help from our friends is a wonderful thing.  I love meeting the kind of people that will offer kindness just because and there are no strings attached.  I know cigar enjoyers do not have the monopoly on kindness and hospitality but go to your closest lounge and grab a stick, or better yet ask someone what they like.  I’ll bet you end up staying longer than you expect, and you may make some friends along the way.

Esteban Carreras Vigilante 6×60

I take a cold draw of this Nicaraguan cigar and experience hints of dark cocoa and wood.  I love the smell of wood in a cigar.  I toast the foot and start this experience.  Immediately I’m hit with this gentle pepper profile that you get from the tobacco grown in Nicaraguan soil.  The cocoa is the main thing I taste.

In the first third I have a few issues keeping the burn even but the smoke from the draw is thick and strong.  The pepper is almost gone which is odd, since it typically gets stronger as I go.  There is something smooth in here, like a chalk but it’s not chalky.  To be honest, the flavor seems to be clean tobacco and hints of something here and there.

Moving into the second third the flavors stay mellow, and gentle.  The draw and ash are great.  Nothing new is coming through on the flavor profile.  I am still having issues keeping the burn even and think it may have a ménage of different types of tobacco making up the cigar.  This is not stopping me from enjoying it though.

The last third is here, and I am still happy, the burn has been weird throughout and it lasted less time than I expected for a 6-inch cigar.  The tobacco flavor is really the only thing I taste now, there is a hint of the cocoa and that smoothness is still there, but it never stood out with its flavors.  I have one more of these.  Again, thank you Andrew, and look forward to it in a few days.


A lovely 3 out of 5 Drams


4 out of 5 Standing Stones – there was a bit of peeling toward the end


5 out of 5 Bonnie Lasses


5 out of 5 Scrooge McDucks at around $2.00 USD


4 out of 5 Kilts a-swinging

If you can find it, the Vigilante is a good buy for the price.  It is an everyday cigar for after you mow the lawn or are walking the dog.  Match it with some rum or some whiskey of your choice and you won’t go wrong. Please tune in on Thursdays at 6:30PM CST on the Facebook group Real Men Wear Kilts and say hello live on our show Holy Smokes.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this  Please comment and share with everyone.   I found a box of these at https://paylesscigarsandpipes.com/esteban-carreras-vigilante-connecticut-toro pics are from there as well.

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When I met my “real & authentic” kilted Scottish-Texan, Raymond Mhor, I began immersing myself into his Celtic/Scottish lifestyle.  First came the Outlander Netflix binge so I could catch up with the rest of the world.  I ate, drank and slept Outlander – all those men in kilts!  (Even some of the soil-dirty ones still look amazing!).

After, we began attending Outlander parties, enjoying local Scottish Highland games and the best was volunteering at our Highland Game Group’s Bagpipe contests (with all the contestants kilted!  Woo hoo!)



Love Kilts, Scotland & Outlander?

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